DCU Brexit Institute

Dublin City University (DCU), founded in 1981, is Ireland’s most innovative university.  It is comprised of over 16,000 students including over 2600 postgraduate students, of whom about 800 are research students.

Created in July 2017, under the leadership of Professor Federico Fabbrini, the DCU Brexit Institute is the first institute dedicated to the study of Brexit in Europe and is still the only one outside the UK.  Located in Dublin, Ireland, it is ideally situated to investigate the effects of Brexit outside the UK, in particular its effect on the renewal of Europe in the EU-27 and on the process of European integration.

It offers an innovative, high-level platform for the analysis of the major legal, political and economic challenges raised by Brexit, the withdrawal of the UK from the EU, and the connected discussions on the future of Europe at 27. It is designed to bring together policy-makers, scholars, business leaders and civil society to promote public debate and raise awareness about the most momentous events of our time.