Learn about the recent challenges faced by the European Union

The fascinating course is designed to inform the public about the principal challenges that have faced the European Union over recent years including Brexit, the Euro Crisis, Migration, the Rule of Law Crisis, and COVID-19, and to communicate how the EU has responded to these challenges.

Understand the major issues faced by the EU in recent years

You’ll gain an insight into some of the most significant events of recent years, including the first withdrawal of a member state (Brexit), as well as the threat to the single currency (Euro Crisis).

You’ll also discover the reasons behind the Rule of Law Crisis and how this threatens the EU’s fundamental values.

Explore the challenge free movement presents and decipher the future of Europe

Get to grips with the challenges that free movement, migration and differentiated governance present for the EU as a whole.

You’ll then also compare the EU crisis response across different policy areas and across time, and will assess future paths for the development of EU integration.