Central European University

The Kozep-europai Egyetem (Central European University, CEU) is a privately funded and endowed postgraduate training institution of higher education with accreditation both by the Middle-States Network of American Universities and since 2005 the Hungarian government.

Central European University is a leading international and well established academic institution well known for the high level of interdisciplinary research carried out there. The most innovative approaches to different disciplines are promoted and eminent scholars teach and visit the university every year. It can be regarded as an exceptional place for multi-cultural studies since, from its inception in the early 1990s, it has implemented a systematically multi-cultural policy of recruiting its staff and students in a multicultural environment and promote research with targets interesting a number of countries, nations and regions in Central and Eastern Europe as well as beyond this part of the world. As a consequence, the staff of the CEU is decisively international with a number of American, West and East European scholars as well as some coming from the Mediterranean region, Scandinavia, the Near East (Turkey, Israel, Egypt).

In Academic Year 2019/20 CEU will open a new campus in Vienna, while the Hungarian campus, Kozep-europai Egyetem will continue its operations in Budapest.